Charlotte Greenman | “Too Gold”

July 22, 2020

This is one of the songs Charlie worked on while in rehab, coincidentally it's the only non disco song as well.


Lyrics and Vox: Tim


Backing Track: Gothboi Loop Pack by MAGIX




A million miles

A million years

So many trials 

And so many tears

left the fears

Can't reset the peers

So I guess it's beers

Follow me back

Through these tracks

Where we slack

And still stack

A mad cap

From cash app

From Rad daps

had Had traps

From bad ass

To sad sack

cannot surpass that

If we're going to get down to brass tacks


Can't handle it

Can't dismantle shit

Bound to ample fits

samples from my wrist

It'll be a little bit

I'm chicken shit

With sickened wit

yeah I'm that bitch

Yeah I guess I am that bitch

Can't sit still

Can't stay awake

Looking from the sill

Trying not to shake

But one take

One mic

One day

One life

They say

They're right

Y'all know a motherfucker can't wait

I'm a fake

A fraud

Captivating children

God willing

Charlie G has finally left the building

I'm tilting

Or maybe it's the room

Embalmed and dried

Just waiting for the tomb



Too old for Another blow

Too old for Another way

Too old for Another show

Too old for Another day

Too old For shallow graves

Too old for hallowed fate

Too gold to ever stay

Too gold to ever stay 


It's tragic

That plastic

Had had shit

Once in a mansion

Now bout to have shit

Lucky girl

Thank the stars

And the world

All the bars

And the hurl

the cars 

And the whirl

Sickness is feral

Who needs peril

I'm a danger to myself

Time to put the G on the shelf

Don't need any help

Don't need any help

Can't fight the feeling

Nothing's left appealing

Arteries congealing

Can't help from stealing

Can't fight that feeling