RhymeCrymez | “No Respecc”

March 4, 2020

This is the song mentioned at the party, in Odyssey, episode 1. James Lamb aka Busta Cap's new rap group, RhymeCrymez, complains about people who got no respecc. James' crew is comprised of himself and 4 other rappers:

  • Busta Cap
  • Deez Gatz
  • Ice Planet
  • Red Warf
  • MC Donald


RhymeCrymez on the mind
This is a call to arms
People got no respecc (no respecc) naw
Kick it off with Busta Cap 'cause he got beef
Follow up with Deez Gatz from the streets
Planet Ice on the mic never play nice
Red Warf coming in to give advice
Take us home before dawn with the Don: MC Donald
Gentlemen, the floor is open. Make your voices heard.

Busta Cap:
You ever have one-a-those days where your life is boring
Thinking I'ma go show off these probably stolen kicks I'm sporting
Talking to my homies as I lean all up on this limousine
I mean, I'm maybe 17, nothing matters in the world but me
R-E-S-P-E-C-C, Rarest of all the commodities
It's like water to a portless authority
They kill my sobriety with lack of propriety
Selfishly telling me, wealthy rappers are immune to things
Like we got no feelings once we bust through the ceiling
of Poverty. I'ma be, honest, my celebrity calmness
I guarantee is withdrawn
When I see you move on from my car you peed on
True story No respecc

Deez Gatz:
Deez Gatz on the mic like
Talking 'bout all these cats in the night life
Comin' on in the dark like a night light
Chat me up like I'm part of they crew, right
Conversation try-ta spark but I'm airtight
At the club like a thug outta spotlight
In the corner like I'm parked out of they sight
They sniff me out like a shark, call 'em great white
But I snap at 'em hard like a snakebite
Head back to my car where I take flight
Before I start seein' red like a bullfight
Goin' back to my bed before midnight
Homies got no respecc (No respecc)

Ice Planet:
Girls need a date before love, I don't understand it.
But I tell her I'm an ice guy so I plan it
Start a passionate fire in her heart, and then I fan it
'Cause she asked, I aspire, I'ma run the gamut
Two tickets, two sodas, she's a snacc, and I'ma licorice tonight
Like the mood is just right
Ice Planet just be playin' it cool like frost bite
Paradise, can it get any better, finish line is in sight, yo
But the weather turns to gray, like graphite, in the front row
A fight breaks out like it's Alamo
I scream at the punks like I'm a la mode
I seen 'em look up like I'm Al Capone
Show my little friend, let 'em say hello
Night ends quick as I'm told to go
Girl gets pissed like, "I told you so!"
Clenched up fists as I'm heading home
Connection missed and I'm all alone
Lit my wick when I picked they bone
Dynamite and the night is blown

Red Warf:
I wish for an apogee
From the absolute magnitude of posers approaching me
With radial velocity, barely knowing me
But put on show for me
Hoping that I'll rate them all like Zenith Hourly
They shower me-teors of joy and here I sit with apathy
If I could combine-ary star struck fan in the galaxy
Then they would cosmos-tructeral catastraphe in this city
From the sheer gravitationally destructive capacity
Cause a black hole lotta crushing fandom voracity
They'd comet me in waves all hoping for some validaty
Send my body to the laboratory for an autopsy
Please leave out my imparsections from my orbituary
No respecc (No respecc!)

MC Donald:
MC Donald Buley-ves in the fact that we leave out the fact
That MCs taking flak is teasing but that's displeasing
My raps are speedy and fast but me, I'm attacked
For my thinking cap do you really need to crap on my meaty
rapping I seem like a sap when I'm seen with the Cap
And Deez to the Gatz, and a mean looking chap's
Obscene and it slaps and we never snap
But titty for the tat: I'm keen just to rap
R-E what you lack S-P what you lack yo, E what you lack,
Double C what you lack! Do you see what I'm at
Respecc bring it back! No Respecc.




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