The Deep | Episode 1 | Deep Water Plymouth

April 21, 2021

In this new Actual Play TTRPG adventure, a team of scientists descend to the ocean's floor, to a deep sea lab near the Mariana Trench. They're tasked to run a new fiber line and re-establish communication with the prior team, but what they find there is something much more disturbing.

The Deep Cast:

Tim Demeuse

Colin (Tadgh) Ward, played by:
Chris Riley

Claire Wambles, played by: Kim Metzger

Dr. Marisha Keen, played by: Aubree Gray

Joel Lawrence, played by:
Chris (Critically Accursed)

Valhalla Perseus Nunez (Percy) played by: Eric S Patt

Sid McMillan, played by:

Sidney Clarke, played by: Robin Haught

Wallace Wooten, played by: Brian Bridges




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