Fillmore’s Crossing | Episode 8 | Igmut vs Igmut

February 14, 2019

With one Igmut downstairs and another Igmut climbing out the washroom window, things start to get hectic as the chase begins ... all while Thom is off shopping for more clothes.


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Farport Stories | Comeuppance

February 6, 2019

Joe Moore and his gang are a menace, but not everything in the desert is below him on the food chain. 


Farport Stories are an unnecessary supplement to the Fillmore's Crossing Campaign by LCP DnD. There are often no dice rolls, but instead just a short story narrated by Tim. Please come hang out with us in our discord:

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Fillmore’s Crossing | Episode 7 | Elmer Fillmore

January 31, 2019

The boys finally get to speak with Elmer Fillmore, and boy howdy, do they ever! Afterwards, Faulk and Igmut learn that there's something peculiar going on back at The Crossing House Tavern & Inn.


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Fillmore’s Crossing | Episode 6 | Ingrid Wept

January 17, 2019

From the pastor at the church to the weeping woman at the jail, the FIA agents and their guide make good headway, examining witness testimonies and theories. But not without their awkward fumbles along the way.


Farport Stories | Trouble in Two Rivers

January 9, 2019

Igmut Yazee is on his way to Kensington to meet Faulk and Thom when he stops for the night at a small inn and saloon. While enjoying a quiet evening playing cards things get a bit out of hand when some strangers show up.


Farport Stories is a completely unnecessary primer for the main arc of the story. These are where we can take a bit of time away from the rest of the players to tell a more niche story. Sometimes I won't include a player at all. I just have a lot of stories and content floating around in my noggin so I might as well let yall peek inside. Thank you to everyone who listens to this show, and if you're interested in playing TTRPGs with us I suggest joining this discord channel:

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Fillmore’s Crossing | Episode 5 | The Investigation Begins

January 3, 2019

Happy 2019, everybody! In this episode, the boys decide to shop for some new apparel and supplies, all the while, meeting new townsfolk and doing some investigating into the violent mystery of Fillmore's Crossing.


2018 Christmas Special Oneshot

December 23, 2018

Chris is the DM in this special oneshot episode. Tim, Brian, and Wesley, have rolled up their characters, and stepped through a portal to find themselves in a very unexpected world!


Fillmore’s Crossing | Episode 4 | Sauntering Into Town

December 20, 2018

Finally. The boys have made it to Fillmore's Crossing. And scarcely have they settled in, when things go awry.


Farport Stories | The Orrex Bones Show

December 12, 2018

Conspiracy magicast show Orrex Bones is a joke to some folks of Farport, but for others, his is a very serious and dire show. Join us for a short dive into the three-hour daily show. It should prove to be a wild and interesting ride as Orrex Bones, Orc broadcaster, and his partner Graal Joseph Smooth Skin, a well-spoken troll, get to the bottom of Farport's hard-hitting news stories.


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Fillmore’s Crossing | Episode 3 | The Cave

December 6, 2018

Thomas DeWeese follows some tracks that lead him to a cave, where he discovers something quite quite quite quite unexpected!